Strange week

Several things are different this week.

J is taking a class – where I work! So we eat lunch together every day. He gets amazing catered food served on a white table cloth, I carry my cafeteria lunch (which is also quite good, I should note) up to his “reserved” area and sneak a place at the table where all the students are eating. But they all are curious when they find out I’m an employee.

Things are being done to the house!

New gate

This is our new gate. I really loved the old gate and felt it was part of the charm of the house, so I asked them to reproduce it exactly. The old gate was next to some crappy fencing; they improved over the original by carrying the scalloped design into some picket fencing. This will all be painted white (except for the beautiful redwood post caps, which I’d like to seal) – by the painter! Who is starting tomorrow and will scrape and paint all the peeling wood on the windows and everywhere else.

I’m shooting video! At work!

Work is pretty cool right now

I’m in charge of a project to produce four video tutorials for our intranet. We’re doing them in the style of old educational films. It’s a really fun project. We were lucky to find a room in our building that is perfect and almost never used.