stuff i done you ain’t done

1. crossed fjords in denmark on a train inside a ferry.

2. driven solo around the country, 8,000 miles in 3 weeks, running a live web cam during the NC -> NM leg of the trip.

3. stood on the edge of a cliff on the Isle of Skye in Scotland on a perfectly clear day.

4. attended three of my parents’ weddings, and been maid of honor in one of them.

5. spent time with, knew, and still remember three of my great-grandparents.

6. lived in a 100 year old tobacco barn.

7. hung out with adam sandler at wxdu.

8. have a 100 year old reed organ in my living room.

9. attempted to make a film about roadkill (all the film came back black)

10. watched movies at drive-ins in Idaho, Oklahoma, New Mexico and North Carolina– all in the same car.