thanksgiving weekend recap

wednesday i took the day off and spent most of the day cleaning the house… stuff i do maybe twice a year or so. gave the fridge a scrubdown and really re-stocked the kitchen.

j and the puppy arrived around 10 and i cooked us a nice dinner of teriyaki chicken, rice noodles and green peas. i also introduced j to my current favorite cocktail, _very_ loosely based on the pink pussycat i had at city beverage a few weeks ago. pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, vodka and a splash of grenadine.

i also managed to burn the applesauce that i make every year, which is crazy because i’ve never done that in over a decade of making it. it’s very simple; i use this crazy peeler-corer gadget on some sweet red delicious, then cook them down slowly with cinnamon, allspice, cloves and nutmeg.

so thursday morning the mission was to get more apples and get the applesauce made (again) before time to go to mom’s. i woke up groggy and out of it and everything seemed to go in slow motion. we were even caught in the driveway after apples were obtained by a neighbor who wanted to discuss the recent tax revaluation at some length.

i then nearly burned it _again,_ and i’ve now decided that the pan was the culprit. _yeah right, it was the pan!_

applesauce rescued, pumpkin cheesecake lovingly packaged, showers taken, we headed to mom’s for the traditional thanksgiving dinner– turkey, etc. all very nice and no drama or anything. we talked to stuart about life in atlanta being a flunky in a big law firm and studying for the LSAT. he says that studying for the LSAT is making him think differently, he’s becoming more analytical. J and i both commented later that this makes us want to study for the LSAT!

friday we got to work (slowly)… we had three goals: to replace an outlet in the kitchen with a three-prong; to fix my front door so it will close and open without kicking, yanking, and cursing; and to cut a hole in one of my big work tables and drop a cabinet mount turntable in it.

we did all three although as always it took forever for us to get anything useful done.

along the way we decided that the biscuit recipe i’ve been using is too dry; we walked around one of those mixed type planned communities (the kind with houses mixed with condos and apartments); i took J to the char-grill for the first time evah (he said today, “i’ve decided that any time you want to go to the char-grill, that’s okay with me.”)

we also had thanksgiving dinner #2 at d&s’s house accompanied by sarah and georg. after foods s could not resist showing sarah (and the rest of us) katamari damaci which was totally fun, but i still don’t feel the pull of video games (which i never play, oddly, except for Riven way back in the day). still, completely anerable.

this morning we went to watts grocery for a late breakfast. no trouble getting a table despite the dire prediction of an anonymous coward on my livejournal when i posted about our first, thwarted attempt to go to watts. our waitress was awesome, but the hipsterati quotient was almost _unbearably_ high, and our food was good but not amazing. i also had to send my bacon back to have pools of grease removed from it. i like grease, but apparently i have a threshold; i couldn’t bring myself to touch this bacon until it was de-greased. as i said to J, i learned something about myself today. I had (besides the bacon) a waffle, and J had eggs benedict that came with almost plain grits on the side.

we decided that we like piedmont better for fancy brunch. more laid back, and tastier.

so anyway. the boys are on their way back home now, and it’s business as usual here. moses curled up in his post-fluids semi-coma and i’m blogging and nursing cold feet in front of the electronic fire, to the tune of NUMB3RS.