that was not nice

yesterday at work was very stressful. enough said.


i dreamed this morning that i had replaced my cozy 1946 cottage with a rambling, crumbling victorian. literally replaced the house, moved my perfectly good house away and put a 1930’s crap pile in its place.

i know it was a crap pile because part of the living room ceiling tore away as i was watching, leaving half the living room exposed to the uninsulated ceiling. my mother was with me. indicating the room above the living room, she said, “now, that’s not a room.” i considered remodeling such that the living room would have 20 foot ceilings. then, as i watched, terrified, the roof tore away, leaving a gaping, windy hole.

i went to the kitchen to find the phone number of the roofing company i used once to repair a leak on my cottage (oh, my cottage, why did i get rid of you?) my mom pulled a phone book from someplace odd, like the microwave, and i searched for the listing. the phone book made no sense. it did not seem to be in alphabetical or any other discernible order.

i gave up, and woke up, groggy and disoriented.


my show last night did not suck too badly, and it was one of the smoothest running shows i’ve had all year. the web cam and online request line appeared to be broken, but everything else was working pretty well. checking over the last ten days worth of online playlists, not a single one seems to have fallen victim to our old loss of session problems (immediately recognizable because the dj winds up with multiples of the same playlist). could it be that i actually managed to… fix it? golly.