the abominable dr. phi…

…er. eh?

yes, i loaded up the tivo with horror movies from TCM, and i was watching “the abominable dr. phibes” last night while clearing out the living room, and damn if TCM didn’t cut the end of the damn movie off!

okay, admittedly, i wasn’t watching it very closely because i was in and out of the room, but i’m pretty sure that there were answers to several unanswered questions and perhaps another victim to account for in the bit that was cut off.

aaah, well. so i didn’t really meet my goal last night (in the great strategy to have the house ready by saturday) and this evening has been occupied with cat care and going out for takeout when i burned the leftovers that were my best dinner option.

i’m starting “the brain that wouldn’t die”, which i may not be able to stand to watch, and i’m going to jump back into the work now.