The Comprehensive Clothing Project

well, i like to call it that. it makes it sound like a secret op in a spy movie, or something. this is how i glam up the unglamorous task of cleaning out old clothes and shoes.

i weeded out four trash bags of clothes that i’m donating. there’s about ten more items that are nice enough to sell. i’ve got about a dozen pairs of shoes to either sell or donate.

ideally i would get rid of everything that’s too small, but i can’t bear to. there are things that i was wearing less than a year ago that are too small now, things i really like. even worse are the beautiful Threadless tees which i just can’t give up (but also just can’t wear. now.)

anything that’s junk, though, is gone. it’s all nice stuff.

i do find that i have intense emotions connected to certain things. the blouse i wore the evening we went out to celebrate our engagement. the pants i wore when i held my dying cat in my lap. it’s easy to see how i might hang on to things long past their usefulness. or how i might have tended to do that in the past.

clothes are just clothes though. believe me, i don’t need a pair of pants to remind me of what it was like when moses died.

i find that i have no emotional attachment to the (absolutely _hideous_ ) roswell t-shirts. i’ll keep one of the two first-year shirts that i have, but i’m getting rid of all the rest. i would never want to actually wear them, so it’s better if i give them to people who will. not sure what i’ll do with them exactly but i’m sure someone will want them.