the computerez, they hates me

decide to consider upgrading to MT 3.3

realize i need to back up current MT database

can’t remember password

get distracted; decide to reboot computer before getting in too deep into something

get a disk error when trying to save a file

quietly freak out

reboot, apply security patch

decide to back up computer

try to get external hard drive to mount, it won’t

causes computer to crash, reboot

install drivers, reboot

install updated drivers, reboot

still won’t mount; run disk utility

external backup drive is corrupted and cannot be repaired

decide to try backing up by email zipped archives of things to underutilized gmail account

zip things

try to email three zips; mail crashes

try to email one zip; mail crashes

decide to back up to DVD

currently making more zips for the backup

now, wait. what was i trying to do? get comments working on the new allpods site? oh right. yeah. uh.