the confusing world of Rx

well, it has been quite the productive day.

the vet appointment this morning, well you know about that already. one of the reasons why i like my vet is, he makes things non-confusing without over-simplifying. so that was good.

after the vet, i went to the dentist. the last two times i have been there, the dental hygenists have mentioned a particular brand of battery-operated toothbrush. now, this time, that toothbrush and other products by the same company were displayed prominently on the counter as one checks out. hm.

this evening, i went to specs and ordered “my new glasses”: (!). the last two pairs of glasses i’ve bought came from 20/20 eyeworks, largely because i could never get anyone at specs to help me. this time, things were reversed; all four times i’ve gone to specs, i’ve had two employees helping me. the one time i went to 20/20, no one helped me, and they were closed the second time i went back.

when the specs folks were writing up my order, i asked them what the difference was between the brand of non-reflective coating i have on my current glasses, and the coating they normally use. the answer? the stuff i have now is $100 more and “has a really good advertising campaign”. no effective difference to the wearer, just to the wearer’s wallet. sigh.

when it was all said and done, i think the total for new frames, new lenses and new lenses for my sunglasses was less than the total for that first pair of glasses i got at 20/20. like, $200 less. it’s still a hell of a lot of money, but i’m not experiencing the high degree of sticker shock that i did with the last two rounds. the specs folks saved me money.