the deepest sort of insanity

the first i heard of it was an april-fool’s-day quiz on the NARAL web site. that the bush administration is putting forth the idea that condoms don’t work and actually _cause_ STD’s and pregnancy.

it seems so absurd.

notification #2 is at the beginning of “this salon article,”: the phrase, “anti-condom campaigns”.

it comes as no great surprise to me that anti-abortion campaigners have now turned their attention to chemical means of birth control, because these means often do not prevent conception, only implantation. but barrier methods? condoms in particular?

i guess the basic delusion behind abstinence-only campaigns is that people are actually capable of following them. but we’ve got millions of years of human history that indicate that we _aren’t._

that’s a reality the bush administration firmly refuses to grasp. but, you know, even if humans _were_ capable of abstinence on a mass scale, can you really expect every single one of us to abstain? always? without fail?

jeez, at least leave us condoms.

(oh, i know, i know. freely available condoms = teenagers with ready access to a means of making sex safer = end of the world.)