the house in 2006

i just ran across the big huge list of house things i wanted to accomplish in 2006. so how much did i get done?

*the basement*

I got an estimate from lindsley waterproofing and did not at all like their approach to the problem, and after talking with neighbors decided to work on my gutters. i’ve added some downspout extensions and replaced one wayward gutter, but i’m not sure this has done much good. i’m adding more downspout extensions and am now considering calling a gutter company to see if having the gutters replaced– possibly with larger, covered gutters– might help.

anyway, the basement isn’t dry, so i didn’t achieve my goal this year but i guess some progress has been made.

i did paint an old desk that had been in the kitchen, and i’ve put it in the laundry area of the basement. this has actually really helped the laundry area be more functional.


this is where i’ve made the greatest strides. i’ve kitted the kitchen out with a lot of new pots, pans and utensils, and i cannot emphasize enough what a difference this makes. i bought two new appliances, a smooth surface electric range to replace the hideous monstrosity that i lived with for seven years, and a portable dishwasher, the first dishwasher i’ve ever had. the dining room was treated to new chairs and i’ve put new window treatments in both rooms. finally, my friends helped me paint both rooms. i _love_ my kitchen now.

*exterior trim*

i never did anything about the exterior trim. it’s badly overdue for attention.

*floor refinishing*

i never got any estimates on having the floors refinished.

*outdoor living*

i didn’t do everything i set out to do but i accomplished a lot. my back screen porch is very livable now instead of being dirty and occupied by broken down, mis-matched makeshift furniture. i have a working gas grill, and i have a new lawnmower that did make a big difference in how well i maintained my yard.

the one thing i didn’t do was get my pool set up. however, at the end of the season i had a mental breakthrough and came up with a practical way to create a level surface for the pool. i have no doubt that i will get the pool set up next season.

*lawn and garden*

definitely my best year yet for the lawn and garden, although that’s not saying much.

I did not really do anything about the weedy-ness of my lawn (except a lot of research), but oh well. i don’t feel too bad about that, and i have a good idea of what to do next year.

my biggest accomplishment was transforming the raised bed from noxious weed farm into an herb and lettuce garden. i didn’t follow through throughout the season as well as i could have but in the end i definitely made a lasting improvement in that area.

i did plant some shrubs in the bare area around my walnut tree, and applied fertilizer diligently to the stunted holly next to it, to no real avail. there’s still a huge blank spot there, and i’m not sure what to do about it.

another huge accomplishment was the reclamation of the beds lining the sides of the back yard. there’s a lot more work that i could do with those beds, like defining the edge with mondo grass, but now i know how trivial it is to get mulch delivered which will make maintenance of this area much easier.


the bedroom didn’t appear on the big list o’ house stuff but i got a bee in my bonnet about the bedroom a few months ago. i decided it was time the furniture better matched the paint. i painted my bed and my bedside tables, and replaced the bed side lamps and throw rugs. kind of startling what a difference this made. there’s still a few things i’d like to do, such as replace my dresser and add a wardrobe.

i realize this probably isn’t the most interesting blog entry i could write, but it helps me a lot to see what i’ve accomplished this year. i tend to focus on what i still have left to do, and lose sight of the improvements i’ve made. i always hear critical voices in my head that don’t understand why i haven’t taken care of this or that. well, screw you, critical voices! i’ve been busy taking care of other things.

so for next year? the basement, the exterior trim, and… we’ll see!