the kitchen follies!

this is so boring that i can barely write about it. you will be fascinated to know that i cleaned the top of my refrigerator (where the appliances live), which was _completely_ disgusting, and then cleaned the appliances, which were slightly less disgusting. well, except for the waffle iron, which i have sadly decided must go. i love that waffle iron and hosted many good brunches with it, but it’s probably sixty years old and i don’t know how gran kept it as clean as she did for so long. i just don’t have the housekeeping chops.

so add waffle iron to the list of things i’ll be replacing.

the kitchen aid has to stay on the counter; it’s too heavy to lift, but i moved the food processor to the newly clean refrigerator top. that was really all it took to free up the counter on the other side of the sink, and now i have much more free counter space. almost double.

see, i told you this was boring. to you. to me, it is quite thrilling.

and oh, there is more yet to come! you’ll see!

also, i got my hair cut. finally. why did it take 36 years before someone put a layer in my hair? it looks so much better this way. if only i had known.