the mo report

so the report today is that his kidney values have gotten a little worse, and that’s why he’s been acting weird for the last week. but they’re not so much worse that we need to do anything different, just be on the lookout for more loss of appetite.

he actually hasn’t lost any weight, and at the moment he’s sitting next to me enjoying a meal of stinky wet food and “meat water” (e.g., broth).

my vet gave me a pep talk about how with moses, we never know, he never does what’s normal so maybe he will even get better again. well, i kind of doubt that but it is fun to have the cat that beats all the expectations and spits in the face of dire predictions and stuff.

in happier news, the woman who manages the office at the vet (who i really like a lot), brought her baby in to work today so everyone was having fun playing with the baby.