the neighborhood this summer

it’s getting me down. i’ve lived here about 15 years now and while there’s been more good stuff happening in the last few years, it seems like the bad stuff reached a certain baseline several years ago and never got better. it’s worse in the summer.

so we have…

* having two kids come to my front door and within 30 seconds of conversation ask my why i had a nasty attitude and call me bitch.

* antonio the convicted sex offender present every week if not every day on my street.

* a guy coming to my door with a dog and asking me if wanted to buy said dog.

* today’s lost dog incident.

so the lost dog incident, which i guess is over now, was: i walked by the front door this afternoon and there was a dog sitting on my front steps. i tried to give her water (which she didn’t want) and then she walked over to my side yard gate and asked to be let in. i think she was looking for some shade. she hung out in my side yard all day. i called animal control and they never showed. i posted pictures to the neighborhood listerv and one person said they might know the owner but i haven’t heard anything back about that. i finally fed her and she was pretty hungry. around 9pm i decided she was probably going to be around for the night so i went to try and get her on my screen porch– and she was gone. just disappeared. i looked all over my back yard for her and everywhere i could think it’s like, poof, disappearing dog.

i really hope she’s on her way home. she had a current rabies tag and looked well fed so i think she’s probably a neighborhood resident.

so in general i am feeling kind of down about the neighborhood. i think if antonio were gone it would probably go a long way toward making things feel more comfortable; just knowing he’s always around has a sort of dampening effect on me, even though he never looks me in the eye anymore or tries to say hello like he always used to before he was arrested.