the no car thing

seriously, it sucks. it sucks so much that i’m accelerating my plan to let spacepod go into semi-retirement (no, i am not selling him) and have a different daily driver.

jason! helped me jump start the van tonight, but there are electrical system problems, she’s not charging properly so i can’t really drive her. i wonder if the alternator is going bad.

i got through the holiday and weekend ok, with minimal imposition on others. fortunately my friend from virginia came to visit saturday and sunday and drove me around to a few crucial places, like to feed m’s cats and to see ‘harry potter’. and go to cook out. i’m a hamburger addict and i have no problem admitting it. in fact, i was on my way to cook out when spacepod’s clutch went out. i didn’t make it. it was sad.

i also did not go to char-grill at lunch today, but i did manage to catch a ride to, ahem, Large Evil Pacific Northwestern Caffienated Beverage Chain that serves irresistible peppermint mochas at this time of year.

so, as of today the front runner in the daily driver pageant is a used Jetta TDI, preferably fitted out with a waste vegetable oil tank. unfortunately they seem to be expensive and hard to come by, so i may have to scale back to a Golf TDI.