the schedule

tonight was marketing. ostensibly, the purpose was to get food at the grocery store for specific recipes, but it turned into a two and a half hour, highly productive evening.

i can tell you this: if you need any pots or pans, go to TJ Maxx. now. working from a tip from one of my operatives in the field, i went there seeking a high-end dutch oven. sadly, these choice items had been snatched up. i walked out with a couple of beautiful and inexpensive bamboo cutting boards and a cast iron panini press, a practical alternative to owning a panini press appliance.

if you need drink pitchers, say for a summer luau, go to Bed, Bath and Beyond.

i also got a cookbook using a gift card and scouted Target for patio furniture– but it’s a little too early in the season yet.

finally, i did do my grocery shopping.

the laundry is done, the kitchen and bathroom are clean. i’ve done the chores for the week. this means that for the rest of the week, i can do other things without guilt.

tomorrow is Cooking and Movie Night (at home, of course). i’m even going to make myself popcorn. i love the idea of wednesday evening being devoted to recreation. it divides the week neatly, and ensures that one doesn’t feel as if one is in a long tunnel of despair and chores.

then there’s Plone Night and then Van Night.

saturday must be devoted to practical outdoor pursuits, weather permitting: Yard Work Day.

some people have the notion that sunday is a day of rest. but i’m not sure that i could rest for a _whole day._

i’d say there’s even odds that i fall into a rhythm and do this every week, or that i give it up almost immediately.