the sleep, it eludes me

having had maybe four or five hours of sleep each night this week, you would think that at 1am i would be slumbering peacefully. exhaustion, a hot bath, and a full dose of melatonin and i am still awake.

my brain is in overdrive at night, but it’s all i can do to push myself through the days. and work needs me all there, all the time. there are problems to be solved. i stared drooling like a human vegetable at a simple screen for three hours this afternoon and it was pushing the limits of my abilities to format it.

and, apparently, the radio station needs me all there too. there were rumblings today about the languishing web site re-design. you know, the site i did in 1997 that i’ve been promising to re-design ever since? it was the first site i ever did, and it’s astounding that it still stands.

i’ll admit, i’ve had an unusual source of intellectual stimulation lately. i know that’s what’s really keeping me awake.