the sunday of painting

headed out for Va yesterday late morning. funny how the day gets eaten up with a four hour drive in the middle of it. the only real work we did yesterday was to scrape paint off the windows we painted last weekend. jason met with a plumber who advised him on the sorrowful downstairs bathroom. it will need more work than anticipated – but will probably get a new tile floor in the process.

this morning we did a massive shopping trip. jason said, “i’ve come to a very weird place in my life when the total comes to just under $500 and I say, ‘that’s all?'”

today i dove into the one window in the living room. these windows have been neglected for a long time. they are dirty, paint is peeling. i am proud to say that we have all the sashes moving up and down, at least with some effort. i cleaned the living room window as best I could given the rain and the time limitations – no time to scrape all the paint, to really clean out the tracks.

finally around 3:30pm or so I started painting. jason spent the afternoon priming all the new trim that had been installed by a team of carpenters in our absence. many of the doors in the downstairs of the house have been missing their casings for several years; that has been remedied.

we worked straight through until around eight when jason took reese for a walk in the near-freezing rain. i stayed in and kept painting. after he returned we finally got showers and went out to a favorite near-by place for dinner around nine.

now i am being a lady of leisure and doing internets and whatnot upstairs while jason continues working downstairs. he wants to paint all the small mouldings we bought this morning so they can be installed tomorrow before we drive home. the goal is to complete the living room – all trim installed and painted.

of course, the weather is turning nasty and we may not be able to leave tomorrow – in which case we’ll have an extra day to work. which would be okay, really. there was already ice accumulation on the cars and roads when we came home from dinner. the lights just flickered a few times; i hope the power stays on, though. i saved this entry early when that happened, just in case.

we keep fantasizing about vacations. we have a few more weeks of this – normal work week then drive up to Va to work on the house. lather, rinse, repeat. happily, i am much less ill than i was a week or so ago. most of the time i feel pretty normal, actually.