the white ride

despite dire warnings from teh internets, our ride home was quite safe and quite beautiful. no traffic, no ice, no downed trees, no snow on the road… but snow, snow, snow everywhere around us, on every branch of every tree, on every rolling hill…

me: now see, i actually know the lyrics to the songs on this channel.

jason: really? what is he saying?

me: “i am the son, and the heir, of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. i am the son, and the heir, of nothing in particular.”

jason: really? i can’t hear anything he’s saying.

me: really. oh, and, “i am human and i need to be loved – just like everybody else does.”

we painted more today, and j installed shoe moulding in the living room – which has had baseboards but no shoe or cap. i also painted the brick around the fireplace. it had been badly dry brushed or sponge painted the same dingy mauve-brown as the rest of the room. the difference is stunning. we used a sandy tan color on the brick and bright white on the wood mantle. i couldn’t stop looking at it when it was done.