Things found in old files

Nine $50 savings bonds that would be worth $565 if redeemed this month.

Tax returns from 1987 through 1997, less the years 1988, 1993, and 1996

A lease revealing the fact that i moved into my current neighborhood on february 26, 1996. my rent was $350.

An offer letter from my current employer, placing the date of my return from Europe at July of 1991. My belief is that Moses was born in this same year, meaning that he is now 16, not 15.

ETA: no, wait. I think he _was_ born in 1992. I’m trying to piece this together in my mind. I found my passport, too, which helps with dates.

May 30, 1991 – I arrive in Luxemborg.

July, 1991 – I arrive in Malmo, Sweden- I believe this is just after the death of my stepfather, and I was on my way home.

August 1, 1991 – I am back in the states and go back to the job I left to go to europe.

I know at that time, I was living with my mom at her house. I remember it took me three months to find my cabin in the woods and I stayed at my mom’s that whole time. She was happy to have me there.

I found a lease for the cabin dated October 31, 1993. That means that I didn’t move into the cabin until November of 1991. Which would indeed be three months (about) after I got back from europe.

I remember it was summer when I got Moses and Franny. I remember vaguely that he was born in spring or summer and I have a very specific memory from the first time I let them out in the yard, of laying in the yard with them, Moses stumbling around in the tall grass (short baby legs), and my friends Jonathan and Brad coming to visit. It was definitely warm weather when I got them.

So I must have lived in the cabin alone for at least six months. Which I don’t remember. But I don’t see how else it could have been.