throttling the icy death falling from above

so _apparently_ over the weekend we’ll be experiencing icy death falling from above, or “frozen white death from above”: as some prefer to call it. i’ve warned J, but i think he’s going to come visit anyway. in preparation i went to the farmer’s market at lunch and obtained a small pile of nice looking firewood, as well as an obscene number of calories from the seafood restaurant. their hush puppies are really quite remarkable.

i told a co-worker about this adventure later in the day and he said, “you can’t fit a pile of firewood in your car!!” ah, the wonders of the beetle. i believe its curved design fools the eye, and it appears smaller than it actually is. the pile of wood used maybe one-third of the available space in the hatch, and would keep my fireplace going for at least a few days if the worst happens and we lose power.

as for the evil masterminds at netflix and their machiavellian strategies to keep me away from Voyager, well, i have now put other things at the top of my queue. i might as well.

i also called easily a dozen local video stores; none had Voyager for rent. i checked out two other online services, greencine and intelliflix. both have voyager, but greencine is based in california, so shipping time would be a little long, and intelliflix has a slightly scary website, a kind of, “we’re trying way too hard to get your credit card number” sort of site.

so i decided to give “sui_generis'”: suggestion to use bittorrent further consideration. it appears that i have the _hardware_ to burn a dvd; i’ve also got a copy of osx tiger sitting, un-installed, on my shelf. maybe dvd burning software comes with it? i guess there’s one way to find out.