time to get to work

so last night i was excited because the alternator belt for the westy had arrived; i had visions of popping it right on and firing the old girl up. ’twas not to be. looks like this belt will fit around two of the pulleys, but not all three.

the charming british shop manual clearly shows a belt going around all three; the bentley manual, which everyone seems to swear by, bears no relation to reality as i know it. unless a lot more than a belt fell off of my alternator– the bently is displaying a picture of something other than the alternator for my van.

neither manual makes any mention of having to remove another belt to get this one on, so that makes me think i’ve got the wrong belt again. (i’d have to remove a belt to get this belt on only the top two pulleys.)

i think i’m gonna have to confess my ignorance on this simple matter to the diesel vanagon list; i feel like an idiot, it’s such a small thing, but i’m at a loss.

anyway, christa came by last night as i was at the height of irritation with the whole situation, and invited me to come to the palais de ‘za with her, mary, and chris r. and i decided, what the hell. i’m going to work my ass off for the next five days– i can have a night of fun.

we had a great time hanging out. after the palais we retired to mary’s genteel porch for many glasses of wine. so many, on my part, that i asked christa to drive us home in the spacepod. she seemed happy about this.

i went to bed happy; woke up to a hangover-fueled dream of roswell. the last thing i dreamed was that this guy charlie, who is kind of an interesting character, who has come up from georgia for the last two roswell trips, surprisingly did come to roswell this year, and that he looked like brad pitt.

charlie, “while quite cute,”:http://allpodsgotoroswell.net/2003/photos_vert/19Jun_014.jpg doesn’t look at all like brad pitt. i got up and mailed him and told him about my dream; i think he’ll be amused.

now i am left with the unhappy problem of the westy. it’s _gotta_ leave the driveway today. i guess i’ll have to start it without the alternator and hope for the best.

also looks like it’s going to rain off and on all five freakin’ days that i have off. grumble.