well, i thought the bad hypoglycemia would go away with my period, and although it’s better, it’s still pretty bad. i have to eat frequently, i feel tired most of the time, can’t sleep well, have inexplicable crying jags… it’s the sux0r.

it’s motivating me to clean up my act, eating-wise. in fact, i wonder if this has been coming on for some time due to my crappy eating habits so far this year. i’ve been having a lot of insomnia and i’ve been tired in the evenings a lot lately.

caffiene is definitely aggrivating the symptoms, so today i decided to quit. i made it til about five minutes ago. i had about half a cup of tea, which got rid of the worst of the headache and, interestingly, made me feel very queasy and inexplicably sad and hopeless for a couple of minutes. and then, poof! i felt better. maybe tomorrow i’ll just have my usual morning cup of tea and then not have any all day.

if things continue like this through the weekend, i’ll call health care on tuesday and try to get in to see someone soon. it’s one of those things that’s difficult to describe though. “Um… i’m tired? and hungry? all the time?”