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wow, i feel like ass

wow, i feel like ass today.

yep, still an introvert

spent the weekend on my own, quite happily, the one exception being a saturday evening stroll and porch sit with someone who can generally be counted on not to get on my nerves.

today i am walking around work avoiding eye contact with people.

mary’s right, ‘alias’ has jumped the shark

over and over and over again this season. the final shark-jump was… _ZOMBIES!!!_ watching seasons one and two have made that abundantly clear.

time to call an exterminator

this morning i had to remove an only slightly dead cockroach from my bathtub, and clean up the smear of inexplicable and horrifying brown gunk he left behind. given that i failed to clear the slow drain over the weekend, my subsequent shower was extremely brief.


i have really done a number on my right thumb. sanding yesterday seems to have made it worse. i think it may now be fully sprained and not just strained. this means no sanding for several days and i have to be very careful with it. simple everyday things– like slinging my laptop bag over my shoulder– keep re-injuring it. this is one of the lingering results of breaking my arm in january– the arm is weaker, so sometimes the thumb suddenly gets more of a burden than it is supposed to.