today was valentines day

today is valentines day

i feel more attached to the day than i have in the past

my theory is this is because we are now engaged

so anyway

today i visited the daisy cakes trailer, and bought a cupcake for my sweetie

and we had a nice breakfast

and watched BSG, which was much more gripping this week

we packed and we drove to virginia

we walked at my favorite place to walk, port warwick

then back at the house we measured things and wrote a list

we went to the big blue store and bought muratic acid, stair treads, and other useful things

then we walked to the blue cactus

but they were closing and didn’t want to feed us


we went there the night we got engaged

so we went elsewhere

a place for steak

very busy tonight but it was a pleasant meal anyway

then came home

we’re watching the x-files movie

and wondering

where in Virginia do they get that much ice and snow, really?