top down car!

“top down car” is what my brothers called my stepfather’s ’67 galaxie 500 convertible when they were little kids. so now i always think of convertibles as top down cars.

i’m exhausted. christa drove me up to northern va to pick up the car today. we had lunch and hung out for a while with my friend steve, the original owner of the car, and then went down to ikea where we spent two hours and many dollars. and then i drove home, and now there are two beetles sitting in my driveway.

driving a gas-powered car again is very weird. it’s too quiet, too smooth. driving a beetle other thans spacepod is very weird. spacepod and i are a team, you know? we’ve been so many places together.

it’s supposed to be kinda cold this week, but steve said that with the windows up and the wind screen in place, you can drive with the top down in fairly cold weather and it’s nice, there’s basically no wind chill.

anyway. top down car!