traffic calming devices

– or – _the dumbest cat ever_

one night recently after dark i was tooling down Dacian and there in the very center of the intersection with North was a fluffy cat sitting on a manhole cover.

the cat did not move.

i drove carefully past the cat, which watched me dolefully as i passed it. i pulled over, got out of my car, and chased the cat out of the street.

today as i tooled down dacian, the same cat blocked my way. it was sitting behind a pickup truck full of compost. there was a young man in the bed of the truck moving the compost out of the truck and on to the ground. after a few moments, the man noticed me. i gestured to the cat. he chased it out of the street.

as i pulled alongside him, i opened my window and asked if that was his cat. he said that it was. i told him that i’d nearly run the cat down after dark recently. “Yeah, he’s only six months old, i’m hoping he’ll outgrow that.” i advised him to consider keeping the cat indoors more often.

ougrow it? outgrow being dumb as a post and completely unafraid of cars? the only way he’s going to learn a fear of cars is if he gets _hit_ by one. and then he’ll be _dead._ that’ll learn him.

in other traffic calming neighborhood news, it appears that the traffic circle at markham and glendale is now sporting a menorah made of bricks (and candles, of course).