trying to get my act together

reason #364 why i’m glad i won’t be doing the allpods site again, ever: the vast quantity of stuff i put off til july in the name of getting the site done.

so now i’m trying to organize and prioritize this stuff in my mind and it’s not happening. of course, i’m kind of hamstrung at the moment by a seemingly constant need to sleep (like, right now). hard to get stuff done when you work all day then nap for three hours then go to bed and sleep another seven hours then feel exhausted at work all day.


– the yard. oh my god.

– the house. oh my god.


– the westy. do i seek help to do it myself, or just attempt to throw money at the problem? i desperately want to get it reliably driveable.

– the westy: the exterior. the interior.

– the pod. well, it just needs to be washed.


– the allpods site: the video.

– the OND site: it needs updating

– the NBeast site: it needs to be resdesigned and implemented for this year.

– the WXDU site: i said i would redesign it. i want to redesign it.


– i really want to paint the bathroom again. something glossy, fresh, and clean. i was thinking white, but a bold yet light color might be better.


– it’s time to get cracking on planning it.

– i want to take the westy to nbeast. see CARS section.

yeah, i have no idea where to begin.