two steps forward, one step back

i’ve cleared most of the clutter in the living room, but twice today moses has urinated where he was sleeping, and the second time (which was just a short while ago) was a HUGE mess and just EVERYWHERE. not only is it demoralizing when this happens, but it makes me feel like i just can’t keep up with his needs. i had been thinking all evening _i should carry him back to the litter box in a while_ and then i walked into the room and… sigh.

i’m starting to have serious doubts about having a party saturday. i love halloween, but maybe this isn’t the year for a party. maybe a sick pet and a houseful of drunk party-goers isn’t a good combination. obviously, it will also be a strain to get the house ready, although it is good to have a deadline for this sort of thing. i doubt i’d be as far along as i am now if i weren’t planning a party.

finally, i’ve heard from at least one person who said that saturday is a really overbooked night. not that i need to have the house packed to the gills to feel like the party is a success, but given how little effort i’ve put into telling people about it, i’m not sure that much of anyone will be coming.

i don’t know.