up at 3:30am

there’s really nothing left to do but, finally, write something in my blog.

i’ve been some kind of not right for about a week or now; alternately nauseated, congested, coughing, etc. jason went away for a few days to Va and i hoped i’d be all well when he returned today. not so much.

i don’t feel so bad right now, i just can’t sleep. probably that diet pepsi i drank with dinner, or something.

so, uhh…

let’s see.

thanksgiving weekend was kind of a blur. we stayed overnight at my mom’s and had a good time making fun of bad james bond movies with my brothers. they’ve evolved into highly entertaining creatures, those two. we had to leave reese in durham as he is not welcome at the beach house, which i think was hard on him despite able care from our usual service. he seemed nervous and agitated for a day or so after we returned.

the day after we got back from my mom’s we headed for virginia. or wait – was it the same day? crap. i think it was, i remember a long day and being exhausted when we got there. i spent most of a day painting the complicated and difficult finished attic. a lot of surface area, a lot of bending into awkward positions, and a sore back for a while afterward. jason spent the day blowing leaves from his front yard for curbside pickup. it took him a full four hours or so to get the front yard clear.

we drove back the next day and we were pretty beat.

the weekend after thanksgiving we visited j’s mom and her husband in their new house in NC. we met the new bird, Lenny, we envied their square footage, and we tried to fix their un-fixable networking problems. gloria and i speculated on the mystery of the kitchen which had been fully renovated except for a tiny brown 60’s-era oven, clearly original to the house.

that monday was a complicated and busy day. first thing in the morning – and i do mean first – we took the blue bug in to see MFM as it had developed multiple interesting problems. i even needed a jump start that morning. i think we had some errands after that – i remember running around all day – and then the illustrious xta stopped by and we went out to lunch with her.

after that we walked the dog, then headed out for the rest of the day. first stop: our wedding location, which i think will remain undisclosed for now, to sign a contract and put down a deposit.

(as a side note, i’ve been struggling with how much to blog about the wedding. my primary concern is that the guest list is going to be very limited and i don’t want to blather on about it to people who we’re not planning to invite, and who in all likelihood don’t care. so i’m mostly going to not blog much about it, at least not right now.)

we had a celebratory drink after the signing, then headed into raleigh to find a restaurant of which i was once fond. it turns out that, although its menu is still easily found online, it is not easily found in the real world – because it’s closed. another restaurant answers when you finally return to the car and call, after having wandered around downtown raleigh looking for it and arguing over the baffling procession of street numbers along the street where it once existed.

the restaurant not found, we headed for the massive performing arts center where we’d be seeing david byrne later, and took our chances on the food offerings within walking distance. we landed in a swanky hotel bar with wildly overpriced food, and ordered appetizers which turned into a meal when the waitress brought us a big basket of fresh rolls.

this was our second time seeing byrne on this tour, and i have to say that the raleigh crowd was overall more enthusiastic and quicker to leave their seats (to dance) than the newport news crowd. he did one song i’d never heard him do live before – ‘Air’ – and one he didn’t do in NN – ‘Burning Down the House’. xta said she can’t remember seeing him do ‘Air’ before either – that was exciting, i’ve always liked that song.

i think it was a day or two after that that i started not feeling so great and things have been pretty boring ever since. i did do a very small sewing project – after several years i finally got my sewing machine fixed, and things are set up such that i can use it. it’s a pain in the butt, and there’s barely enough room to pull it off, but I can once again use my sewing machine.

you know what’s messed up? forty minutes of prattling on about myself and i’m still not sleepy.