it was time. really time. it seemed like i’d been waiting for apple to update their macbook line all year. the dead computers were piling up around my house and the sole working computer had a history of hard drive problems. oh, it was time.

i went to the durham store; they’d sold out during the time since i’d called. i went home and called the raleigh store. “we’ve got plenty!” the dude said. i hoped that was true.

i trekked out to raleigh. the store is exasperating. there’s no clear cash register. everyone in a blue, turquoise or orange shirt seemed to find me invisible. i stood near someone who was buying a powerbook in the hopes that his sales dood would help me next. that didn’t happen.

i finally realized that part of the genius bar is a cash register. huh? okay. the orange shirt at the register told me he’d get me someone to help.

finally, turquoise shirt arrived. i know exactly what i want, i said. i rattled it off, the exact specs.

“now let’s find out what you’re going to be doing with this computer to make sure you’re getting the right one.” helpful to most people; oh so frustrating to me. “no, no, no, no! we don’t need to do this. just SELL ME THE COMPUTER.” yes, i actually said that to the poor guy.

“okay. is this your first apple product?”

“not. even. remotely.”

“okay, so you already know about our genius bar and everything?”


he was okay though, or at least i thought he was when he came back with a couple of boxes. we had a nice little conversation. he tried to get me to crack it open in the store so he could show me stuff, but i wanted out of there.

i called J from the parking lot. he’s a little jealous.


oh, and i got a terabyte time capsule, too. my track record on backups is dismal so perhaps this will improve things.