venti, venti, venti!

fairly late in the afternoon, i realized i hadn’t had any caffiene today. there are times when that wouldn’t be a big deal; this isn’t one of them. i kept waiting for the headache to hit. it never did, but at some point it dawned on me that the reason why i had no motivation or energy was because of a caffiene deficit.

the happy 9th and broad street places seemed to be closed-ish (ok, i didn’t knock on every door), so i headed over to the soulless corporate coffee tap.

i ordered, then reached for the wallet. i’m digging… i’m digging… ok, my purse isn’t _that_ big… yep. no wallet; i’d pulled it out to buy some things online and it was still sitting on my sofa, back at home.

and then, the guy at the soulless corporate coffee place did something very surprising– he said, “well, why don’t you come back and pay me later? i’ll be here until ten.”

so i walked out with an obscene amount of coffee, drove home, and drove back immediately with the money. i could have not come back, but i figure when an unexpected nice thing occurs, it’s good to reward it with honesty. it’s good for my karma.