waiting waiting waiting wait… augh!

yes, i am waiting to be able to drive my new car. now don’t get me wrong; it was extremely cool of steve to let me drive it down here on his tags so that i would not have to make two trips to complete the sale.

currently, i am waiting for the title to arrive at my credit union. once that happens, i can take the title down to the tag office, give them large wads of money (highway use tax for bringing in a car from out of state + registration fees + cost of tags) and get some kind of tag and registration for the car.

in 35 minutes, i will call the credit union and bug them. if the title is there, i’ll have enough time to get it and get down to the tag office before COB today. then i can drive the car to virginia this weekend, and there will be flowers and butterflies and happy bunnies and rainbows and unicorns!

otherwise, i am driving the ever-more-pathetic spacepod to va. he needs a visit to MFM. and despite the fact that i made Actual Efforts this week to get him cleaned properly, he’s still pretty dirty (the auto spa was inexplicably closed on a nice sunny day).

that nice young man that i visit offered to drive down here this weekend so that i could avoid taking S.P. up there, which was very sweet. but i want my monthly mini-vacation to Va, and that is that. the S.P will be fine.

UPDATE: no title today. maybe monday.

UP-UPDATE: steve, in his awesomeness, called the loan company and found out that they sent the title to him via regular postal mail. yay. again, in his awesomeness, steve is going to overnight it to me when it arrives. light… tunnel.. end…