wardrobe facets

so i went walking with mary and christa monday, then mary again yesterday. the first day, mary commented on the fact that i was wearing just my normal clothes and not workout clothes.

it made me think about the fact that, although my wardrobe has improved a lot over the last year or so– for those who didn’t really know me before, i wore a lot of boy’s t-shirts and jeans before i lost weight– i haven’t entirely made up for the fact that i bought almost no clothes for several years.

i have plenty of stuff to wear to work, and out with friends and shopping and stuff. i can use leftover clothes from before for working on the house, lawn, or car. but it never occured to me to buy clothes to exercise or do active things in. i guess this is because my exercise is mostly just walking and yoga, and those things don’t seem to need special clothes. well, for yoga i do wear leggings and a tank top. but i had those already, oddly.

my shoe wardrobe, stunning though it now is, also does not really encompass physical activity very well.

i’ve got some dressy clothes… i wish i had more opportunity to wear them, actually. i have this one beautiful silk dress that i’ve never worn. most people wouldn’t guess this about me (i think), but i have always loved to dress up, ever since i was a little girl.

i wonder what other facets of my wardrobe i’ve neglected without realizing it? i guess it’s hard to pretty much start from scratch.

i did have the happy and unique experience of attending my brothers’ high school graduation and party last year, and had the perfect thing to wear without having to go shopping. i even got compliments from my mom and my aunt joan, both total clothes horses.