week’s update

tasty treats at leith vw in cary: a showroom full of restored, vintage vw’s! i was quite taken aback when i walked in yesterday. two buses and two or three bugs.

moses: seems to have bounced back for the most part, except that he still isn’t strong enough to stand up on his own power. i’ve seen a definite uptick in his strength the last few days; today he’s able to stand on his own briefly without support from me, if i stand him up. the yoga mat is very helpful as it keeps his feet from sliding once i get him up. baths are now a weekly routine and we are getting it down pat.

continued explorations of southwest durham: i uncover a neighborhood to add to the list almost every time i go out. there are a lot of quiet, wooded places out there if you look. i went back to trotter ridge today after dismissing it initially when i was first looking. in comparison to the newer subdivisions i’ve visited lately, it’s far superior– larger lots, lots and lots of trees, a very quiet feel. some swooping contemporaries that are really cool looking. it’s back on the list.

olympics: i keep watching them.

work: i can make your web site not suck so much.