welcome to the modern age.

after many years of waiting and much debate over technical merits and philosophical problems with the various vendors, J and i are now owners of those modern day marvels, “smart phones”.

indeed yes, they are iphones.

theoretically they are on trial in our household; we have thirty days to return them for a full refund and cancellation of contract. however, after only a day i am already in love with mine and things would have to take quite a downturn for me to return the thing.

here are the two experiences that really turned my head…

1) shooting a video and editing it on the phone. eleven years ago i did this the old fashioned way, with a big camera, tapes, and a copy of final cut “borrowed” from a filmmaker friend. i scored web streaming hosting for free via other friends. the thought of accomplishing all of this so casually on a little slab of glass that i carry in my pocket makes my mind melt.

2) walking the dog in a new neighborhood. we routinely scout neighborhoods where we might like to live. i used the maps and directions function to navigate to the neighborhood, then we planned our route through the neighborhood using the map. since i’m incredibly directionally challenged while on foot, i appreciated having a map with my current location right in my pocket. it was so bloody hot, i really didn’t want to miss a turn while on foot and get lost. the real killer was that as we were walking i was able to bring up the online listings for houses we saw that were on the market.

there’s also been lots of fun and “goofiness”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/4782548557/ with the video calling, camera and being able to check things on the internet wherever we are.