well, here we are in virginia…

…again. this weekend we attack the dreaded kitchen. which still has stuff in it, and other interesting challenges. the goal is to paint the exteriors of the cabinets white, change out the hardware (some of which will need new holes drilled), put paintable wallpaper over the existing wallpaper (it was all we could find) and, hopefully, paint the wallpaper. and paint all the trim white including yet another window.

it’s a short weekend, we mainly have tomorrow to work. jason is downstairs right now doing… something. i refuse to work after a full day at work then a four hour drive. but – it’s his house. i’m just the helper.

this evening we planned that i would email him just before i left work, and he’d go to the q shack to pick up dinner. it worked out perfectly and he arrived just minutes after i did. i was plowing into my cobb salad many hours earlier than we normally eat at what is, i think, my ideal time to eat dinner. i told him that any time he wants to do that, it’s just fine with me.

just two more weekends before the house is deemed complete, or as complete as it is going to be. next weekend is the yard sale and moving the tools in a u-haul, which i’m dreading. but then just one weekend of cleanup after that, and we’re done.

i’m still blown away by how fantastic the fireplace looks now that it’s been painted. we’ll have pictures of it later this weekend.