well, i made a dent anyway…

when i got home from my trip, there was a letter from the national forest service in my mailbox. apparently, they’re interested in making my backyard into a wildlife preserve.

but you know, i’d probably wind up with the one ugly forest ranger in the world stationed at my place, and he’d be all up in my bizness, and i wouldn’t like that.

so i decided to mow.

i actually did get through the backyard by and large. took over an hour. there’s still tons of crap that has to be pulled out of the beds, that will probably be a couple of hours work at least.

then there’s the front yard.

in somewhat related news, i’m watching an episode of clean sweep where they clear the house of a woman who is a collector. not one of the really bad ones, because they’d never let someone touch their stuff, but this woman definitely qualifies. her daughter moved back in with her and i think it was the daughter who instigated it. they found rats living in built-in storage under the windows. everyone who is working in the house is being made to wear a ventilator due to the incredible amount of dust and pet dander.