we’re home with a lot of stuff. IN THE RAIN.

okay, there was one part of the day when it didn’t rain: the first half of today’s drive.

the second half of the drive saw a pretty good rain. while we were unloading the u-haul it was kind of drizzling, which wasn’t so bad, but after we were good and tired from going up and down the basement stairs many times, and it was cold and dark, that’s when the rain started back up in earnest. we unloaded the rest of the truck in earnest rain.

i am pleased to report no injuries. no slipping on the ramp, no sliding on mud while holding a heavy box.

so there’s that.

it sucked. it really did. i proclaimed to hate everything; jason said the theme of our wedding will be overcoming adversity (i’m editing slightly; there was a curse word or two in it when he said it).

for me the worst is probably over. jason still has many things to finish at the house this week. i will get to sit around the house (the NC house) eating bonbons and doing my nails or something. (or, more likely, unpacking some of the boxes that arrived today.)

this house is brimming. it’s packed. i want to get rid of more stuff. the attic, the living area and the basement are all at capacity. it makes me feel… a little panicky. removing ourselves from this house will be no simple task. we’ve promised each other we’ll hire movers when we do that. but we’ll still have to pack it all up.

anyway. that’s another day.