What brings you to my web site, O people of India, Canada, Iran, Gilbraltar, Spain, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iowa, and New Hampshire?

Could it be… _syllogomania??_ (i can’t even remember what that means, and it brought someone to my web site.)

Or… _orange, cute, chunky shoes??_

Maybe… _sneaking out of the house_ (y’all should see the comments I _don’t_ publish)

Could be… _total dork_ (you found her!)

Perhaps… _high maintenance camo_ (uh.. ok…)

Also… _cute lisa_ (dat me!)

And I hope you found out what you wanted to about the _sad dinosaur._

Oh, and you came to the right place if you wanted to know about _a woman’s right to shoes._


the search string game brought to you by the letters E and Y and the numbers 5 and 9.

ps, still obsessed with “my gvisit map.”:http://www.gvisit.com/map.php?sid=e8e7ba4f35b60b47a3703ebca618cf99 Hello, Wisconsin!! Also, hello to all Rosberry and MacDonald people who might be stopping by. I figure Halifax, Nova Scotia is only so big and chances are pretty good that I am related to the person there who reads my blog.

pps, i always feel like it’s a big score when Brits and Scots show up. i’m not sure why. but hello Brits and Scots. I would like to visit your countries again some day, maybe soon, but i have to get a new passport and stuff.