world of BEEP

the beeping continues on into the night. yes, they are out there excavating with a backhoe (?) at 9:30pm. i checked.

the person running the backhoe must either be the owner or a close relative to put in these kinds of hours.


in other news, the pendulum swings now toward selling the convertible right away, for the greatest bang for my financial buck (so to speak), getting the van running, and getting it painted at maaco so it can live in my driveway rather than in a rental space. and also so i can go camping in it this fall with the boy and the dog.


i am watching a terrible tv movie that’s a testament to the fact that good actors cannot save a bad script, direction, and a low budget. it’s called “the worst witch”, and the combined talents of fairuza balk, diana rigg, and tim curry cannot save it. tim curry hasn’t shown up yet, which is just criminal– if you have tim curry, by god, use him!

i can’t stop watching. yet.