wunderground.com DNS problems today

anyone who relies on wunderground.com for weather data (and that is, seemingly, everybody) is scratching their heads today, wondering what the hell happened to the site. One minute pages come up blank; the next they kind of load, but with images broken. Google blog search (thanks D for that pointer) shows people who can and cannot get to the mobile version, the RSS feeds, etc.

i was able to get through to their home page long enough to submit a problem ticket, and they responded within minutes:

-----Original Message-----

From: Weather Underground, Inc [mailto:kayako@wunderground.com]

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008 10:35 AM

To: Lisa Linn

Subject: [#OWX-]: What's happening to weather underground?


Weather Underground is currently experiencing a problem with name

resolution (DNS) to the site. Roughly half of site visitors are taken

to a "Site Under Construction" or an error page when they try


We are working feverishly to solve this problem.

In the meantime, you can visit www.weatherunderground.com which still



Weather Underground Staff

Thank you for your support!

Weather Underground, Inc


Ticket Details


Ticket ID: OWX-

Category: General

So, if you were wondering, that’s the story. Well, part of the story. I’m sure the _cause_ of the DNS problems will eventually be revealed but at least the site hasn’t been yoinked with no warning.


a co-worker dug this out of the blog search:

This was posted at 8:06 pm last night: Straight from John Celenza at WeatherUnderground:

Man I wish we had updates on time.

Basically the folks who control our domain registration made a MAJOR

mistake today and broke DNS resolution of our site by pointing DNS

lookups to the wrong name service.

We’ll be up definitely after the 45 hour timeout period when root name

servers will again attempt to lookup and store Wunderground.com.

However, we are working with our registrar to find a MUCH faster