too many things are weird or changing.

one of my oldest and best friends has just accepted a job on the west coast.

one of my little brothers is graduating from college this weekend. which is good, and stuff, but it made me think all wistfully of his dad, who died when the twins were six, and how proud he would be.

the other twin has a girlfriend, the first i’ve heard of him having. this causes a slight re-definition of him in my mind, from a young guy who i assumed probably had some kind of sex or love life but not yet with anyone worth mentioning to the family, to a guy who has asked a girl out, and.. you know. i mean, i changed his diapers, it’s just a re-adjustment. another layer of adulthood.

moses is old and sick. i mean, death isn’t imminent as far as we know, and he has treatable stuff, but still. my kitty isn’t the fierce, lithe creature he used to be. not that he has been for a long time but. like today i started thinking maybe i should build him a ramp for the bed.

mom and wayne continue their search for the perfect retirement house at the beach. the plan now, she says, is to look for a house in beaufort instead of looking for waterfront land. whatever. what this all really means is that they’ll sell the house, and none of us can countenance that. our family were the original owners in 1943 and we’re on the third generation to live there. daniel is always scheming up how he can get the house or at least rent it from mom. she doesn’t want it to go into the hands of a developer; land is so valuable inside the beltline in raliegh that the house will go for a princely sum then be torn down and replaced with a faux-crafstman mcmansion or some other abomonation. mom was saying last night she wants to go on one of those HGTV shows that helps you sell your house, and stage the house in such a way that it’ll encourage a family to buy it and move right in, instead of a developer, or someone who wants to tear it down. like that will be her angle that she pitches to the show.

sigh. ok, and then the thing that sent me over the edge last night was, i decided to try again to get something back from a guy i dated two years ago, something he borrowed that has sentimental value (it belonged to my grandfather). we weren’t serious and it just kind of faded off amicably, and last i’d heard he’d suddenly up and moved to atlanta for a job. so i emailed him last night and he wrote back to say that he’d try and get that thing back for me (now a friend of HIS has it) and oh by the way he is in durham for the next week for the BIRTH OF HIS SON. wtf? i guess i’m glad i have an IUD! i was like, do i or do i not want to do the math on how much time it has been since he and i last saw each other? but i think it’s a comfortable margin, if there is such a thing.

i have to admit, i’ve been eating like crazy so far this week and not following The Plan. although the nice thing about weight watchers online is that it’s always there to go back to and it doesn’t judge. i can just start plugging the data in again tomorrow and it won’t make no nevermind.

oh, and so long as i mention it, so far i have lost 10 pounds, which is nice.