yoshimi vs. the 3-inch flying cockroaches

according to the kil-mor lady, i have “woods cockroaches.”:http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/info/roaches/pick-woods.htm

i’m guessing my perpetually wet basement, into which i’ve carried old firewood, where i keep lights on all the time, might have something to do with this problem. guess it’s time to start turning off the lights and burning that firewood! too bad it’s a little warm…

given the seemingly huge extent of the invasion, i’m going to go forward with the nasty toxic chemicals in addition to other abatement activities. there’s just _no way_ i can get that basement to stop leaking any time soon.

i’ve also got an appointment for the roofers to come out, though not any time soon. and i’m getting a termite inspection. and i left a messsage for the tree guy. i am the yoshimi of house care.