you don’t like everyone you meet

this afternoon we met up with an old roommate of my mother’s for lunch. she and her new husband were visiting family here and are planning to move here, although the longer we spoke to them, the more they made me feel as if i live in a second-rate city, which i _hate._ if you’re unsatisfied with the arts available here, then don’t move here.

she and my mother were roommates during the time when my mother and father were dating– she probably helped throw my mother’s wedding shower. at one point she leaned over to me and started asking me about my father in hushed tones. “It’s ok,” my mom said, “you can mention Jim in front of me.” but she kept whispering. and when i admitted that he and i never see each other because we don’t get along, she felt free to say, “Well, to be honest, I never liked him much anyway.”

you know what? it’s really never ok to say that to someone about one of their parents.


after lunch, we went to visit gran. i was afraid mom or gran would get weepy about the fact that gran can’t be with us tomorrow, but neither of them did, and it was a nice visit. daniel explained to me the exact mechanism by which a walnut tree will cause plants near it to be stunted. he recommended a high nitrogen fertilizer in the spring to help the hollies fill in a little better. finally, someone in the family gets a practical education!