spacepod, the chronology

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a little history:

JANUARY 1999 i discover and subscribe to this list. i promptly proceed to kick off the thread that results in r2k. (what can i say? it’s a talent πŸ˜‰

MARCH 1999 i put down a deposit at a local dealership for a silver tdi w/sunroof. my dealer seems kind of unhappy but willing to try, and says it could be anywhere from 2-6 months. sunrooves have only just begun appearing on nb’s. he carefully (and honestly) explains to me the stupid “special order” process for nb’s.

APRIL – JULY 1999 i pester my dealer every few weeks. we have one false alarm in the summer, a car that shows up as a diesel on the manifest but turns out to be a gas engine when it arrives. shortly thereafter, he tells me that VW has temporarily halted production of nb tdi’s.

AUGUST 1999 tdi’s are very scarce but phil starts reporting getting them in again. i start calling dealers out of state, anyone that i think can help me. I have another false alarm, and a near-miss, both at out of state dealerships.

SEPTEMBER 1999 i finally talk to ellen lang and she feels confident she can get it for me within 2 months if i “order” it through her. about an hour before i am planning to call her to tell her that i’ll send her a deposit, my local dealer calls to tell me that they have something….

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…when he doesn’t get back to me the next day with details i call and it turns out he’s in class. i talk to the sales manager who tells me that it’s true– they were able to get a silver tdi in their allocation, and it’s on the boat. i get the VIN a few days later and it’s in the port. They’re not sure when it will arrive. They hope by the end of september, but don’t want to promise me. I’m thinking it’ll most likely be october before i see the car.

Friday, September 24th. My group at work goes out for a leisurely lunch. When we return, i have a voicemail message from my dealer. “Lisa, it’s elliott, guess what i have for you…..”

screaming. my co-workers running into my office to see what’s happened. dancing around, total inability to concentrate on work. i visit with my buddy jason and he remembers that there’s a piece of toffee cheesecake in the fridge that he doesn’t want. this day just gets better and better. as we’re about to go retrieve the cheesecake, my boss stops in his office and hands me a form from human resources. i’ve received a promotion and a raise. i spend the rest of the day being really really really careful not to do anything to spoil this amazing day….

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this morning my buddy christa (she’s one of the people going to roswell with me) drove me out to burlington to my dealer, maxwell vw. the Spacepod was parked right in front with a fresh red carnation in its vase, polished to high heaven. christa and i hovered around it, sqealing in delight. suddenly the alarm went off! before i can figure out just how i could have possibly set it off without touching the car, elliott comes walking out of the dealership, grinning, holding the keys. he turns off the alarm (which of course he had turned on, to mess with me a little πŸ˜‰ and he looks like he’s just about the happiest man alive. all the guys at the dealership are standing around grinning like fools– they all know the story.

they proceed to treat my like royalty, holding doors, offering drinks, introducing me to the service manager and explaining the car in exhaustive detail (basically– everything they’re supposed to do ;). As I am leaving, elliott hands me a white carnation wrapped in tissue paper with a thank you card attached. He thanks me a third time for being so patient and nice to work with. We get a picture of me and elliott and the spacepod in the parking lot.

despite the difficulty he had in getting me the car, i think elliott really is one of the good ones. even my insurance agent commented on how nice he was. and christa said that she could see that he was genuinely happy for me– not just happy to make a sale or get a difficult case off his desk. i’m so pleased that i wound up getting my car there after all.

well, i really didn’t mean to write such a lengthy post. if you made it this far then thank you. i’ve been driving all day and also made an excuse to do some night driving cause i wanted to see the beautiful violet glow and let the night air and the stars in through the sunroof. with brian eno on the fabulous sound system it’s really transcendental.

once i finish that roll of film i’ll get pictures up on the web for all to see!

lisa & spacepod, silver/blk tdi.