Speaking to a bigger audience

Last week, I had the privilege of giving a lightning talk at WordCamp US in Nashville, TN.

It’s not a surprise that speaking at a much larger event is a very different experience from speaking at my local WordCamp. One thing that stands out as odd is that I really have no idea who was in the room aside from the ten people in the very front. At WordCamp Raleigh, I can see every person in the room, and I remember almost all of them (or it feels that way). With no Q&A after the lightning talk, it felt so much less like a conversation. It was all much more… anonymous.

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Becoming a real WordPress dev

Fall 2014 – Set up a continuous deployment pipeline for our new WordPress install using git, Composer, and Bamboo.

Early 2015 – Figure out CMB2, create our first custom template for pages.

2015 – Implement RAMP, including configuring, customizing, and extending its capabilities over the course of the year-or-so.

2016 – Establish the process for “dark launch” of content, including conceptualization of tools written in WordPress to support the process (tools actually written by co-worker).

2017 – Create “self-healing” templates to get around thorny CMB2 / RAMP issues.

Summer 2017 – Create bash / WP-CLI scripts to automate the duplication, dark launch, and swap-out of a large content area to make the process of major revisions to that area seamless.

Winter 2018 – Create a taxonomy template and use The Loop for the first time. Finally become a Real WordPress Dev.


What I learned about Gutenberg at WordCamp US 2017

Usability testing

I volunteered to proctor Gutenberg usability tests at WCUS. In part, it seemed like an easy way to help out since I've proctored a lot of usability tests over the years for work and I know the drill. But I also had my own interests; I wanted to talk with the people most closely involved in Gutenberg in a place other than a very busy Slack channel, or Trac. Not to come at them with an agenda, or negativity, just a chance to talk and find out more.

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