I went to Big WordCamp

Philadelphia city hall

I’ve never been to a tech conference with compost bins before. I’ve never been to a tech conference party before, either. That has all changed.

I went to WordCamp U.S. 2016 and it was a very dense experience.

I wasn’t the only developer who was disappointed in the lack of technical content, but I think I got more out of this WordCamp than I have out of much more expensive and ostensibly more technical conferences that were just reheated versions of the previous years’ conferences. Yes – that is years, plural. WordCamp wins for originality of content, hands down, every time.

I tend to keep a very low social profile during conferences. I realize this is a shame but past experiences at the aforementioned expensive tech conferences have not really yielded any interesting conversations, much less viable professional friendships. The crush of people is also overwhelming.

WordCamp is different. The people are far more fascinating. However, in the era of Twitter (which was not really a thing like it is now back when I was a regular conference-goer), going to a conference populated with people that I follow on Twitter but don’t actually know in any real way is very surreal. I tend to follow people because I think they might have some good technical insights that they’ll toss out on Twitter from time to time, but mostly Twitter is just a big hangout between people I don’t know. And then WordCamp is the same thing but in person. I think I need to re-think my Twitter life. I wish people would blog more.

With that said I did have a few great conversations with random people and I probably need to find a way to be more open at WordCamps. I can work on that.

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Semantic Markup – talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2016

Hey look! I gave a talk! And it was posted to WordCamp.tv. A first.

This talk is about semantic markup – what it is, and how it can help with things like accessibility, responsive design, and even with SEO. I give a little history (don’t worry, it’s light), and even work in a little Pokemon Go when I get into really heavy territory about meta information and semantics.

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The code cabin

a remote cabin
You have to stay in this little house for one month. You have food and water. You have no access to phone, internet, or TV. On the last day you walk out with $100,00. Would you do it?

I see this floating around Facebook from time to time. People’s responses are hilarious to me. They range from “No!” to “Only if I can bring my husband and kids.”

Really? You would not have to pay me to do this. I would be all kinds of okay with this.

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The problem with content management in WordPress

…is actually managing the content.

We use RAMP to allow content owners to move content themselves from a staging site to the live site, on our intranet. Over the last few months we’ve given RAMP a very thorough workout and it has been pretty painful, to be honest.

Sometimes RAMP is completely amazing, don’t get me wrong. I have gotten elbow deep in the code and have written several add-ons to customize it for our site. It’s pretty amazing in what it does, but there are some painful issues.

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