Last day as Senior

Superwoman bakes

So I have this philosophy that you have to ask for and specifically work toward promotions. I have been promoted many times since I have been at SAS and I believe I have asked for every one. My usual M.O. is to start asking my manager what I need to do to be promoted as part of my yearly review, once I’ve reached enough years experience to qualify for the next level. Typically my manager will give me specific things to work on and I’ll work on them and I’ll bring it up again the next year.

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Not inhabiting any particular end

In a developer group of two, or even three, no one can really specialize.

I am dimly/acutely aware that in other work places there are jobs with the title ‘front end developer’ populated by, presumably, people who are JavaScript virtuosos who have been using CSS pre-processors for so long that they now consider such things passé.

Several years ago I briefly felt as if I could describe myself as an expert in HTML and CSS. Not so much anymore.

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Nothing but bad news

Today I took a problem ticket for one of the people on my team because we had nothing but bad news for the client.

The clients are building a web site in our blogs multisite network (because there’s nowhere else for them to build it). They’d lost all the customizations they’d made to their theme and plugins. We had no explanation for how that happened or why and no way to restore their work.

They took it pretty well, considering. I felt like I earned my keep today.

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Let’s see what this baby can DO

WE’VE hit the part of the project where it’s time to move it, move it! It has been a looong time since I worked with any kind of CMS, and the last time it was one being written in-house so everything took for-ev-er. Yeah, it’s not like that with WordPress!

It’s not so much that there are no problems, but that the problems are pretty easy to solve because we haven’t tried to do anything truly esoteric. (And if we plan correctly, nothing we do should be an esoteric, edge case. Or such is my naive hope in these, the salad days.)

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Riding this crazy Jenga stack of code into oblivion…

Building a site in WordPress is easy, soooo easy and so much easier than I expected. I feel like we are finally seeing the promise of a CMS realized. I am so used to coding everything from scratch that this feels very strange to me.

I feel like I am working on top of a crazy Jenga pile of code written by other people. Because of course I am. It’s disquieting. I grasp for the comfort of neat little boxes of code I’ve written myself and know every line of (or once did).

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