Historical Documents: Justin Hall, 1998 and 1999

Enforced weekend at home (sick child) resulted in historical explorations of the web.

Justin Hall, star of documentary “Home Page” and long time high profile inhabitant of the internet, promotes the film at Sundance in 1999. Sadly, this film seems to be completely unavailable to watch today. I saw it at Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, NC when it was released. I think it’s quite tragic, and of course deeply ironic, that it’s so unavailable given the ubiquity of video on the internet now.

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Always the scrappy underdog, never the bride

Sometimes the intranet life gets me down

Working on an intranet is not for people who:

  • give up easily
  • have fragile egos
  • do not readily form collaborative working relationships with everyone, regardless of any demographics or role
  • are defeatist

A comment was made at a meeting today that bothered me. A lot. It was in effect about the quality of our site being constrained by the fact that we’re using WordPress as a CMS. This comment not only insulted the technology we’re using, but implied (probably unintentionally) that the folks doing the front end dev don’t have the chops to mimic our external facing site.

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