How we sold WordPress as a big intranet solution

This is part of the talk I proposed for WordCamp US. Thanks to a few things I’ve read lately, I feel moved to write some of this out.

Our intranet is a big, crazy mess. It’s old. You would probably be hard pressed to find many 20 year old intranets (as ours is). I’ve been on the intranet team since the home page was a bulleted list of links. One of my very first intranet projects was coding up the first version of our home page that used graphics. At the time, the company browser was NCSA Mosaic. Special permission was required to access Netscape Navigator. I worked on the intranet team for a while, I think, before I got permission. Seeing a tiling background for the first time was… pretty trippy. I digress.

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Flow, and the frustration of living without it

Ther’s a cool experiment called Rat Park. In this experiment, rats are addicted to drugs and then put into Rat Park, a happy place where they have access to all the things that are good in life for rats – food, shelter, stimulating activity and the opportunity to have a mate and raise pups. The rats can use drugs or they can live fully in Rat Park. They always choose the Park.

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