WordPress core symlinked

What is a symlink?

More properly a symbolic link, it’s a pointer from one location on the file system (in UNIX or Linux) to another. It’s like a magic tunnel that lets a set of files in one directory pretend that they also live in other directories without having to make a bunch of copies of them.

Why would you symlink WordPress core?

The thing about having a bunch of WordPress environments for development, testing and staging is that when you update your version of WordPress you wind up copying WordPress core files around a lot. Copy, copy, copy – waiting for a deploy to happen is tedious and a great opportunity to get all distracted on Twitter or something.

There is also a lot more risk of winding up with a corrupted WordPress install when you are doing lots of copying, should the network or file system have a failure during this lengthy process. Changing a symlink is nearly instantaneous and much less risky.

I can’t take credit for this clever idea; I heard about it from a WordCamp talk by Rami Sayer.

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A year of Wednesdays

Over the years I’ve had a few epic vacations from my job. Once I even quit for two months (and managed to get my job back).

The time when I could schedule three or four weeks of continuous vacation time has passed. I mean, I guess I could but the impact on team morale and functioning would be pretty brutal, and I’m not going to do that to my peeps.

So I’ve started taking Wednesdays off when I can. I could conceivably take every Wednesday in 2016 if I could schedule it, and still have a week off somewhere, because of the amount of leave I’ve accumulated. I don’t think I’ll actually be doing that, but the numbers don’t lie, I haven’t been taking my leave time and if I don’t change my habits, I’ll start losing time in 2017.

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